Best Film By Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Best Film By Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Blackfish by Gabriela Cowperthwaite is a glamorous appearance at the habits of giant fish. After watching this film, I was left thinking about the true nature of the ocean-what risks it may face, and what we can do to protect it. Though, when considering the film, one wonders if it might have been made with more caution; awarded the footage of the hammerhead whale sharks in the backdrop. However, despite this and other fears, this really is an impressive movie, and will no doubt intrigue audiences like me.

One of the first things I thought when I noticed Blackfish was that the magnificent imagery of the hammerhead whale sharks as well as the beautiful scenes of the oceans. The movie is very clear and succinct in its descriptions of the underwater environment in addition to the interactions between the characters, especially the captive killer whales. In the instance of Blackfish, Cowperthwaites brings many female directors from all over the world together to make a film about ocean conservation. The footage of the team in the tank setting up the camera displays an incredible amount of care and attention to detail.

Another big thing that comes across in the film is the message of teamwork. Although a number of the individual coaches don’t come across as being particularly close or private with the killer whales, all of them work together so as to keep the whale population thriving. This contributes to a very clear message about how everybody, including humans, can benefit from keeping healthy whale populations, including making certain there are enough humpback whales for everybody to visit. Considering all the graphics of coaches handling these creatures, you would have believed the coaches were professional trainers, but many of them are not. Instead, they’re only really funny people trying to find the task finished.

Although some of these facets of the movie are somewhat melodramatic, especially the slow pacing and the unusual use of long shots, it will have its high points. Cowperthwaites’ voice is great at bringing out the various emotions people experience while dealing with killer whales. These vary from disappointment to anger to fear, but everybody tends to come from this film with another feeling toward what they are experienced. Another positive aspect of Blackfish is that the usage of pure history. Even though the movie is set primarily in the Alaska area, it covers a vast range of historical topics, like the battleship Intrepid, which sunk during the World War II and the hunt for the bodies of sperm whales that perches ashore from Alaska.

Both the director and star of the documentary, Gabriela Cowperthwaite have been vocal in their support of cetacean protection. Cowperthwaites has spoken out against the capturing of whales, even going so far as to file a lawsuit against SeaWorld. She believes these animals deserve more than what they’re given and has used the film to further her beliefs. Many other celebrity supporters have contained testimonials of how they feel about the situation regarding captivity of these glorious sea mammals.

The film”Blackfish” is a refreshing look into one of the most controversial issues surrounding marine life. The directors of both”Blackfish” and” Gabriela Cowperthwaite” encourage folks to think of what their effect on whales and their habitat is. Even though there may not be an immediate connection to human beings, the movie serves as a reminder that we need to care for nature just as we would any other living creature.

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