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I’m sure you’d agree with me if I say big tablets are no fun to swallow. No matter what you are taking, be it vitamins or a prescribed medication, there will always be this pill that would be very difficult to get down.

Do you have the same trouble? Well, all thanks to pill crushers, you no longer have to struggle with swallowing larger pills.

Do you want to know the best pill crusher available on the market today? Keep on reading below!

Why Should You Use Pill Crusher?

1. Allows you to swallow the pill easily.

Whether you are regularly taking vitamins or you are currently sick and needs to take your doctor prescribed medication, there will always be that pill that tough to get down. Some children and elderly also often find the size of the pills to be big enough and require to be made smaller. There are also patients who suffer from certain health conditions that they find it difficult to swallow much less to be able to get a considerable pill down while some even suffer from sensitivities like gag reflux or easily upset stomachs.

Fortunately, pill crushers can make the problem of taking large pills a whole lot easier. You can press the tablets into powder and blend it with water or food for easy consumption.

2. Allows you to absorb the medication fully.

Health experts discovered that most of the capsules would pass through our body without being absorbed or digested. In fact, there are reports that some surgeons found pills during surgery with names that can still be read. If this happens to you, you will naturally not receive the benefits of the medicine prescribed for your ailment; without a doubt a complete waste!

Furthermore, remnants and particles of undigested pills could also get into your bloodstream and might cause complications like joint pain, kidney stones, and blocked vessels. Luckily, breaking down the tables into powder will allow your body’s digestive enzyme to suitably break down more the components and process the active ingredients. In this way, you will thoroughly get the most benefits from your medicine or vitamins and of course, to get the most out of the money you spent for your medication.

Just a little reminder: make sure that you always clean your pill crusher after each dose. There may be tiny fragments of medication that get stuck in your tool which will increase the amount of medicine in the following dose. Also, if you are sharing a pill crusher with another member of the family, don’t forget to clean the tool, so there’s no way you’re taking traces of someone else’s medication.

How to Choose the Right Pill Crusher

When you are shopping for a pill crusher, you need to consider many factors to choose the right tool that would suit your daily needs. Check out below some of the best tips on how to choose the right pill crusher for you.

1. Age of the user. If you are searching for the right type of pill crusher, you should always consider the user’s age who will be manipulating the tool. For instance, if the user is going to be your elderly grandparents, it would be best to avoid a product that requires a lot of effort to use.

2. Make sure the tool is sturdy and durable. Make sure that you are investing in something that can last for a long time. It would also be best if the product can handle pills of any size.

3. It should be portable enough. Does your job require traveling most of the time? Then you should look for a pill crusher that could simply bring anywhere.

4. How much effort does it require? You can choose between manual or automatic pill crusher, and both come with different benefits. For instance, manual pill crusher does not require electricity or battery; so there’s no need for you to worry about running out of power while you are on board. Automatic pill crusher, in contrast, would absolutely do all the work flawlessly though it might cost more.

5. Pill crushers with cutting mechanism features are recommended. As a consumer, of course, we want something that is cost-effective. So look for pill crusher that comes with cutting mechanism features; though this is really not mandatory.

6. Read some customer reviews. Reading customer reviews regarding the items you want to purchase is the best way to know if the product is the right one for you; the customer will always pour out their heart whenever they share their experience.

7. Ask advice from your doctor. It is crucial to ask advice from your doctor. You need to verify with him if it would be appropriate to crush your medication into a fine powder. Take note that there are medications that are not suitable for crushing like ones that are coated; the medicine’s efficiency can be greatly affected by crushing and might even result in serious medical problems.

It is very easy to find pill crushers, either at your local drug stores ore online; the bonus is that they are quite inexpensive. However, you have to remember that no pill crusher has been created equal. So make sure that you don’t forget any of the factors I mentioned above.

Top Five of the Best Pill Crusher

Silent Knight Pill Crusher

If you are someone who needs take medicine daily, then this product can be a helpful companion. Silent Knight Pill Crusher is definitely on top of my list. This pill crusher is being widely used by professionals in both hospitals and nursing homes. There’s no doubt about that since it can do the job perfectly.

I like how it is so well made and is sturdy enough to last for a long period. Need to crush a large number of pills? Well, Silent Knight Pill Crusher can fantastically do it at one time. Plus it doesn’t need any electrical support to function; all you will ever need are your strong arms.

Have you ever wonder where it has gotten its name “Silent Knight”? Well, what’s even more remarkable is that the product does not only grind your pill with minimal effort but also does the job without making any noise. This pill crusher is perfect for anyone who has a patient that can’t be disturbed by any noise. There’s also a pouch where you can store your pill as you crush them; this is to make sure you don’t spill any pulverized pills and to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

It also worth to mention that this pill crusher comes with a list of medication not suitable for pill grinding which I find very helpful; you will be able to avoid the risk of crushing pills that could potentially put you in danger.


  • Can be used easily
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Lightweight


  • It requires so much strength to crush some tablets, so if you are someone who got weak hands or suffering from joint pain, then this product is not for you!

The Equadose Pill Grinder

Do you notice how other pill crushers are so difficult to use while others are crushing pills leaving some lumps that can often result to patient choking from the pill or blockage in the feeding tube when you try to flush it? Well, we are fortunate enough that Shannon Triplette and her husband designed The Equadose Pill Grinder, making sure that we don’t experience any of these.

Only the finest materials were used for this product. Its exterior is made of high-quality solid aircraft while its grinding mechanism uses a ceramic conical burr to make sure it will be durable enough. What’s even more amazing is that its contraption features a system similar to a coffee grinder. This means you will be not needed so much force to be able to twist the handle of the grinding when you are grinding some tabs.

I also like that it comes with transparent detachable storage at the products bottom part so you the crushed pills will be visible. There’s also a lid where you can store your crushed pills.


  • Can be used easily
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Well made
  • Capable of crushing pills no matter what size


  • The handle of the product is a bit weak and doesn’t often work well.

Ezy Does Ezy Crush Pill Crusher

Next on the list is the Ezy Does Ezy Crush Pill Crusher. What I like about this product is how compact its design and how lightweight it is. It is also very efficient in pulverizing the pill. It can crush any medical tablet into a fine powder with the use of its high-quality stainless steel blade. So if you are someone who’s hands with limited strength, then this is the best pill crusher for you.

There are actually four functions in this pill crusher. In addition to its main function as pill crusher, it can also be used as a pill splitter, convenient storage for pills and a drink cup. And it’s quite amazing that despite the many functions, the product is still very small so it is easy to carry around.


  • It has a compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for travel.
  • Easy storage
  • Comes it assorted color
  • Drinking tool is a bonus


  • Its cutter tends to move a lot

Carex Health Brands Ultra Pill Crusher

Another highly recommended pill crusher is from Carex Health Brands, a health care brand that provides medical supplies and needs. The first thing you will notice with their Ultra Pill Crusher would absolutely be its triangle shape. The brand designed it this way so you can easily grip and handle the pill crusher; so if you are someone who has limited strength, this one’s for you.

But what I like most is how easy it is to clean the insides of the product, all you will need are warm water and soap. It also comes in a portable weight and dimension so you can easily carry it around anywhere at any time. You can even place it in your pocket, and you’re good to go.


  • Can pulverize pills faster and easier compared to other leading brands
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable and travel-friendly


  • After continued use, powder from the crushed tablet tends to get on the outer sides of the threads making you lose a lot of the dosage.

Creative Living Med Inc.

If you are someone who needs high doses every day, then you’d be happy to have Creative Living Med Inc. as a companion. This pill crusher is made of heavy-duty materials and is sturdy enough to handle multiple pills at a time. This is why it is highly recommended for those who are on feeding tubes or for caretakers.

I like how easy the operating system of this pill crusher too. No pressure is required to press down


  • Crushing multiple pills at once is possible and easy.
  • Has a beautiful and compact design
  • Sturdy and durable


  • It not portable or travel-friendly due to its bigger size

Final Thought

Getting pills down can be a challenge for many people. So if you are someone who takes medicine regularly, then the best pill crusher can be your helpful companion.  Just make sure you the manufacturer’s instruction and find out which one works best for your needs.

Anyway, I hope this article helped you come up with the best decision on which pill crusher to choose. I highly recommend Silent Knight Pill Crusher! I love how comfortable and convenient is to use and is capable of crushing multiple pills at once, saving me so much time. And of course, I’m very impressed on how it works quietly

Have you tried using pill crusher for your vitamins or medications? How did your experience go? Did you find it convenient as much as I did? Let me know in the comment section below.

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