bookmark_borderTop 4 Best Orthopedic Pillows of 2020

For those looking for an orthopaedic pillow, it is important that you consider units designed to serve your best interests. Such pillows should be filled with materials that will make you feel better, have a restful night’s sleep, and last for a longer period.

With tons of orthopedic pillows out there, choosing the right unit never comes simpler. There are several factors that need to be put into consideration before making a choice.

However, we’ve reviewed the best orthopedic pillows on the market and a detailed buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Orthopedic Pillow

Filling Material

Most orthopedic pillow’s main component is memory foam. This foam offers a slow rebound rate and is usually firmer than other types of filling materials. For those looking for a soft pillow for back pain, then you can consider products filled with fibre.

This filling material comes with higher rebound rate. Both materials and other options are excellent but depends on your preference to make the right choice. Besides, you can take advantage of free night trial options.

Pillow Cover

It’s best to go for soft and comfortable pillow cover to avoid being making the filling counterproductive. Also, lean towards pillows with removable covers, which allows you to keep your product clean and fresh at all times.


If you are in the market for orthopedic pillow, then you obviously want it because of the incredible health benefits they promise over other pillow types. To avoid any other health complications, such as setting off your allergies, you should ensure that the unit is made of certified foam. This certification shows that the pillow does not include toxic chemicals that can be injurious to your health.


How effective an orthopedic pillow will be is also based on the shape. While they may look different, they feature basic design. Most of these pillows come in a contour shape with a middle depression to straddle the sleeper’s head.


Also, how soft or hard the pillow will be, has to do with the kind of filling material used. For those looking to own a medium-firm orthopedic pillow, you can find one that would work perfectly with budget.

While firmer memory foam models are available in different density options, there are microfiber pillows that offer excellent firmness. On top of that, you can opt for firm microfiber pillow design to offer a personalised firmness level by adding or removing some filling.


Just as any product on the market, each manufacturer sell their products as they see fit. However, the most pillow comes with an affordable range, and you don’t have to be hard-pressed to purchase the right unit without having to break the bank.

Despite coming with an affordable price tag, you should ensure the product is offering excellent value for your money. Nevertheless, you should always go for a quality pillow capable of catering to your needs.

Best Orthopedic Pillow – Top 4 Products of the Year

Top 1 – UTTU Sandwich Pillow

  • Filling – Memory foam
  • Cover – 40% bamboo and 60% polyester
  • Certification – ISPA Certification, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and CertiPUR-US
  • Warranty – 5 years, 96-night sleep trial

The UTTU Sandwich Pillow comes with memory foam filling, which takes this model about 5 sec to return to its original shape after lifting off your weight. This orthopedic pillow is an ideal choice for people looking to purchase a safe and certified pillow without compromising performance.

It comes with ISPA Certification, OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and CertiPUR-US certification, which means it does not include formaldehyde, and heavy metals. Further, the pillow cover is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

With its contour shape, sleepers don’t have to deal with neck and back pains. The cover is made from a blend of bamboo and polyester fabric. Coming with a zipper, users will be able to remove the foam layer and wash to ensure you sleep on clean and fresh pillows.


  • Easy to clean
  • Certified foam
  • Free trial period
  • Adjustable pillow size


  • Takes a while for the odour to dissipate

Top 2 – Nature’s Guest Support Pillow

  • Filling – Microfiber
  • Cover – Cotton fabric
  • Certification – CertiPUR-US
  • Warranty – Lifetime

When it comes to orthopedic pillows, fiber fillings are not very common options. However, this pillow from Nature’s Guest is highly recommended by orthopedic practitioners and chiropractors alike.

Therefore, you should expect it to offer a good night’s sleep as well as fantastic health benefits. The pillow cover is made of cotton fabric to ensure the microfiber fillings stay inside the unit. But, for those who would prefer this firm microfiber orthopedic pillow to a bit soft, then you will find the dual zipper cover handy.


  • Doctor recommended
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easily adjustable
  • Hypoallergenic cover


  • Requires extra pillowcase for keeping the pillow clean

Top 3 – EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

  • Filling – Memory foam
  • Cover – Bamboo fibre fabric
  • Certification – CertiPUR-US
  • Warranty – 30-day money-back

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow is designed to allow sleepers manually adjust the pillow to match their sleeping needs. This means if you feel the pillow is too low, then you can easily add more filling and vice versa.

Thanks to its impressive design, this pillow works incredibly with all three sleeping positions. However, it might feel uncomfortable in the first few weeks. But, after getting used to it, it’s a great overall fit for better health since it offers optimal support to your spine.


  • Cradles head and neck
  • Machine-washable pillowcase
  • Conforms to sleeper’s body shape
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions


  • Weird smell after unboxing

Top 4 – Royal Therapy Pillow

  • Filling – Memory foam
  • Cover – Bamboo fiber fabric
  • Certification – CertiPUR-US, and OEKO-TEX Standard 100
  • Warranty – 5-year warranty, 100-night sleep trial

Royal Therapy Pillow is designed to help reduce strain on the back and improve your sleep quality. While this model seems like the best bet for side sleepers, it works well with other sleeping positions.

This pillow comes with memory foam filling to ensure it conforms to the shape and weight of the sleepers. Further, it’s contour shape prevent you from snoring since it doesn’t block your airways while you sleep.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dissipate body heat
  • Useful for back, stomach, and side sleepers
  • Easy to clean


  • May be too small for some users

bookmark_borderAll Types of Mattress Toppers: What is the Best For You?

If you’ve had your mattress for years already, you might start to notice that its firmness and the way it used to feel the first time you buy it is gone. However, if you don’t have a budget for a new mattress, you can use a mattress topper. It’s the best way you can spruce up your existing mattress without spending your money in replacing it, especially if it is still in good shape.

So to help you decide which mattress topper you should get, I have listed down below all types of mattress topper you can choose from. Please keep on reading below.

Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam is the most common material being used for mattress topper, this is because of its several benefits. Not only it is effective in adding softness and comfort and softness to your mattress, it also has the ability to contour your body, help you improve the blood circulation in your entire body and get rid of the pressure points including the ones in your head, hip, shoulder, toe, etc.

The only downside of memory mattress topper is that it tends to trap heat. This means it will fail to release your body heat, which can cause overheat or feeling hot during the night. It also tends to emit terrible odor the first time you’ll open it since it’s made of polyurethane and other chemicals. Don’t worry though, it will be gone after a few days.

Natural Latex Mattress Toppers

These are the most expensive choice but they do come with some benefits you’ll never find in other mattress. For instance, it offers incredible shock absorption perfect for anyone who moves a lot as they sleep.

Latex also has the ability to mold to fit your body and it’s available in a wide range of thickness and support choices. Moreover, it can relieve pressure points to minimize your muscle pains and it can regulate temperature that will help you cool down your body heat.

But it’s made advantage among other mattress toppers is its amazing hypoallergenic quality. Since it’s made of 100% natural components of latex, it can be resistant to mildew and mold to help prevent any allergy. So if you’re someone who’s suffering from allergies, this is your best bet.

Natural latex mattress toppers also has better longevity. It has a life span of up to 20 years, some models even last up to 30 years.

Feather Mattress Topper

Obvious to its name, this topper is made of feathers and it can transform your traditional mattress into a pillow top bed. Feather mattress topper aims to give you the extra comfort you need as you sleep. It can even help you with some of your health concerns like bad back, arthritis, fibromyalgia along with other illnesses.

But what’s even great is that this topper is very easy to clean. Most of the feather mattress topper can be washed using a regular washing machine. It also helps that they’re quite lightweight that you can just easily carry them around with you.

Wool Mattress Topper

Wool mattress topper is not only comfortable, but it will also help you sleep much better. It is softer than most toppers made of cotton and it can help relieve chronic pain as well as pressure points when you sleep.

It’s also mildew and bug resistant, plus it’s hypoallergenic since it doesn’t have any chemicals or bleach added into it. It’s also helps keep you cool during warm months yet warm enough during cool months too. It wicks way moisture, even those small spills can be easily wiped off.

Fiber Mattress Topper

Fiber mattress topper has similar features with featherbed. It can be the perfect solution to support softness for a firm mattress. It helps minimize the pressure points and there’s no annoying chemical odor. It also helps control your body heat and airflow and it’s lightweight too.

However, just like feather mattress topper, you have to regularly fluff or shake it to keep its comfort. Most owners complains that it tends to become lumpy after washing it in a washing machine.

bookmark_borderAdvocare vs. Herbalife: The Comparison You Need To Know

Talking about Advocare vs. Herbalife, which do you think is better? I know it’s quite difficult to decide especially that both of the brands are pretty heavily promoted. Advocare even has a bunch of celebrity athlete endorsements and commercials during Super Bowl.

Well, if you have been searching for the most unbiased review between Advocare and Herbalife, then you have reached the right place as I am not a distributor or any way connected to any of these products nor I am trying to sell them myself. I’m just here to help you invest your money in a worthy product.

So are you ready to know the truth? Please keep on reading below!

Difference Between Advocare And Herbalife

Just a little background, both Advocare, and Herbalife are meal replacement shakes. Both products have been popularly used by people who want to shred some body weight.

So in this article, we are going to put these two products against each other to find out which one is better.

1. What’s the price difference?

Though the price is not related to the products’ effects and benefits, it will absolutely be the first thing we check out whenever we are investing on something. In this case, the price difference is quite significant. Advocare will cost you almost three times more than you will pay for Herbalife. Herbalife shakes will cost you about $1.13 per serving but Advocare will cost as much as $3.21 for the same amount of serving. Herbalife is absolutely a cheaper product.

Though other people don’t care too much about the price, for some, this could be the deal breaker.

2. How much calorie is in there?

Another thing you need to consider when evaluating a meal replacement supplement is how much calories it has in every serving. If you are trying to shred some weight, you really have to control the carbs. Luckily, Herbalife understands your goals and designed its serving with just 90 calories and 13 grams of carbs. This is absolutely low for a meal replacement, which is great.

Advocare on the other hand has 220 calories per serving and 24 grams of carbs. So generally, it’s safe to say that Herbalife wins this category and can be more efficient when you are trying to lose weight.

However, if you find yourself way to weak from doing the usual things you do every day, this can be a sign that your body is not receiving enough amount of energy. Advocare could be your best alternative. Make sure that you also know how many calories should you eat per day to lose weight.

3. Which one has the most sugar?

Unfortunately, both shakes contain considerable amounts of sugar. Herbalife has actually 9 grams of sugar while Advocare has 12 grams and this is really a bit much for a meal supplement. We don’t want to get our calories from sugar.

Moreover, both shakes have sucralose, an artificial sweetener. Don’t worry, sucralose has been accepted by food safety regulatory bodies like FDA and is now accepted as safe. Contrary to popular belief, sucralose is even a good alternative to sugar when you are trying to lose weight since it is non-caloric

4. Is there enough protein?

Well, you have to take this part seriously as this is going to be the deal breaker between Advocare vs. Herbalife. Protein is an essential nutrient that our body needs. Meal supplement should have the right amount of protein to provide energy throughout the day, especially now that you are cutting your carb intake heavily. It is also important for muscle-building and a great help for weight loss.

Protein is the strongest aspect of Advocare. It has 24 grams of protein, making it a very great meal replacement an. Herbalife, on the other hand, has only 9 grams of protein. This is almost next to nothing when compared to other meal replacement options. Using Herbalife might make you feel incredibly weak. Some users even reported crashing down in the mid-afternoon. Take some time as well to get to know the effects of low protein intake.

5. How about the taste?

When it comes to the taste, I find Herbalife shakes better. It even has a better texture since I find the shake very refined and not grainy, making it highly mixable. Though this factor will really be different from person to another; there are also some users who find Advocare to taste better. Anyway, I suggest you mix pro-biotic yogurt or a banana to your shake to make it tastier and even more nutritious.

Final Thought

So if you’ll ask me which meal supplement I’d choose between Advocare vs. Herbalife? I’d choose Herbalife! Both of them basically have the same effects and benefits, it has an even lesser amount of calories, sugars, and carbs which is very important when you are trying to lose weight and of course, it is a whole lot cheaper. You might just need to have some additional protein intake.

However, if you need more calories to get through the day, Advocare is absolutely a good alternative. How about you? Which do you think would suit you best? Let me know by leaving some comments below!

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bookmark_borderIsagenix vs Shakeology: Which is the Most Worthy of Your Money

So today we’re going to compare other shakes that are extremely popular among dieters as well as to those who are trying their best to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Since they are very popular, more and more people are fascinated to try out these products for themselves.

However, how do Isagenix vs. Shakeology match? Which one would be worth your money?

Keep on reading below to help you decide which one is the best for you.

1. Let’s compare the flavors and variations.

I know you’re willing to drink pretty much anything as long as you put your goals into your mind. However, it would be a whole lot easier to drink shakes every day if you enjoy its taste. This is why flavor will always be an important factor you should not neglect.

It is such an advantage if the company offers more flavors since you will find a greater chance to find the taste you’ll love. This will also mean that you can change flavors over time so you don’t get quickly sick and bored from your shake.

Between the two shakes, Isagenix offers limited flavor. They only have three flavors for the general shakes and they’re quite standard. These are:

  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Berry

It actually comes in two variations: the Kosher and the dairy-free version; but Kosher is only available in vanilla flavor. Anyway, I’d like to note also that the company often releases limited edition flavors, so you might also want to try that one out if you get bored with these three flavors.

Shakeology, on the other hand, offers five different flavors for its standard shakes. These are:

  • Café Latte
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Greenberry

And if you are a vegan, I’m sure you’ll love these two other flavors that are made just for you:

  • Chocolate Vegan
  • Tropical Strawberry Vegan

I find it interesting how Shakeology offers a bit more unusual flavors.  You don’t normally see café latte or Greenberry flavor for your meal supplement shakes. And of course, which other company offers tropical strawberry? So Isagenix vs. Shakeology – I guess Shakeology scores best when it comes to choices of flavor.

However, you should know that Shakeology is not gluten-free. So if you are someone who has significant dietary limitations, Isagenix may be the best choice for you.

2. How about its nutritional values?

If you want to shred some unwanted pounds from your body weight, you have to thoroughly examine the nutritional values offered by both shakes. In general, the shake you choose should have lower calorie intake to help you lose weight but at the same time can provide you with enough nutrients. So let’s see which shake can offer you so much nutritional benefit.

  • Calories and Fiber Content

So which among the shake has lesser calories? Well, for this round, Shakeology wins the battle. It only has 140 calories in every serving while Isagenix has 240 calories for the same servings.

In addition to having more calories, Isagenix also has more than 10% of cholesterol daily allowance. So if you have any issues with your cholesterol level, this is something you should be aware of.

For its fiber content, Isagenix totally wins for having 7 grams of fiber in every serving while Shakeology only has 2 grams of fiber.

  • Sodium

Sodium content is also very important since too much sodium can be bad for weight loss as well as your overall health. It can increase your water weight and blood pressure, which is something we don’t want to happen.

Isagenix has a very high sodium level at approximately 256 mg of sodium per serving, while Shakeology only contains about 150 mg of sodium for the same serving.

  • Sugar

Unfortunately, Isagenix relies on sugar much more when compared to Shakeology. It actually contains 11 grams of sugar in every serving. I honestly find this a bit alarming due to the negative effects of sugar on the body. Shakeology, on the other hand, has a higher amount of fat so it only needs 6 grams of sugar per serving.

  • Protein

Protein content will determine the frequency of your hunger spasms. Isagenix has 24 grams of protein per serving, this means it can keep you feel full longer than Shakeology which only has 17 grams of protein.

Overall, I find Shakeology to have better nutritional value. It has a lower calorie and sugar levels; plus, it also has lesser sodium. Though it has lesser protein, you can enjoy Shakeology by combining it with skim milk.

3. Which one will save you the most?

Of course, we don’t want to be throwing away our money for nothing so let’s take a closer look at the price of each product. A container of Shakeology will cost you about $130. It has up to 30 servings, so each serving basically cost about $4.33.

Isagenix cost a bit lower since its pack with 14 servings cost about $51 or $3.64 per serving.

Final Thought

So we’ve come to the final part of our comparison of Isagenix vs. Shakeology. Actually, both are pretty similar in many ways. But if you’d ask me which one I would recommend, I’d choose Isagenix. It has the right amount of protein and fiber so it would also work great as appetite blocker and in leaning your muscles.

How about you? Which do you think would work better for you? Share your thoughts by leaving comments in the comment section below.

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bookmark_borderBest Pill Crusher: Top Five of the Most Effective Pill Crusher

I’m sure you’d agree with me if I say big tablets are no fun to swallow. No matter what you are taking, be it vitamins or a prescribed medication, there will always be this pill that would be very difficult to get down.

Do you have the same trouble? Well, all thanks to pill crushers, you no longer have to struggle with swallowing larger pills.

Do you want to know the best pill crusher available on the market today? Keep on reading below!

Why Should You Use Pill Crusher?

1. Allows you to swallow the pill easily.

Whether you are regularly taking vitamins or you are currently sick and needs to take your doctor prescribed medication, there will always be that pill that tough to get down. Some children and elderly also often find the size of the pills to be big enough and require to be made smaller. There are also patients who suffer from certain health conditions that they find it difficult to swallow much less to be able to get a considerable pill down while some even suffer from sensitivities like gag reflux or easily upset stomachs.

Fortunately, pill crushers can make the problem of taking large pills a whole lot easier. You can press the tablets into powder and blend it with water or food for easy consumption.

2. Allows you to absorb the medication fully.

Health experts discovered that most of the capsules would pass through our body without being absorbed or digested. In fact, there are reports that some surgeons found pills during surgery with names that can still be read. If this happens to you, you will naturally not receive the benefits of the medicine prescribed for your ailment; without a doubt a complete waste!

Furthermore, remnants and particles of undigested pills could also get into your bloodstream and might cause complications like joint pain, kidney stones, and blocked vessels. Luckily, breaking down the tables into powder will allow your body’s digestive enzyme to suitably break down more the components and process the active ingredients. In this way, you will thoroughly get the most benefits from your medicine or vitamins and of course, to get the most out of the money you spent for your medication.

Just a little reminder: make sure that you always clean your pill crusher after each dose. There may be tiny fragments of medication that get stuck in your tool which will increase the amount of medicine in the following dose. Also, if you are sharing a pill crusher with another member of the family, don’t forget to clean the tool, so there’s no way you’re taking traces of someone else’s medication.

How to Choose the Right Pill Crusher

When you are shopping for a pill crusher, you need to consider many factors to choose the right tool that would suit your daily needs. Check out below some of the best tips on how to choose the right pill crusher for you.

1. Age of the user. If you are searching for the right type of pill crusher, you should always consider the user’s age who will be manipulating the tool. For instance, if the user is going to be your elderly grandparents, it would be best to avoid a product that requires a lot of effort to use.

2. Make sure the tool is sturdy and durable. Make sure that you are investing in something that can last for a long time. It would also be best if the product can handle pills of any size.

3. It should be portable enough. Does your job require traveling most of the time? Then you should look for a pill crusher that could simply bring anywhere.

4. How much effort does it require? You can choose between manual or automatic pill crusher, and both come with different benefits. For instance, manual pill crusher does not require electricity or battery; so there’s no need for you to worry about running out of power while you are on board. Automatic pill crusher, in contrast, would absolutely do all the work flawlessly though it might cost more.

5. Pill crushers with cutting mechanism features are recommended. As a consumer, of course, we want something that is cost-effective. So look for pill crusher that comes with cutting mechanism features; though this is really not mandatory.

6. Read some customer reviews. Reading customer reviews regarding the items you want to purchase is the best way to know if the product is the right one for you; the customer will always pour out their heart whenever they share their experience.

7. Ask advice from your doctor. It is crucial to ask advice from your doctor. You need to verify with him if it would be appropriate to crush your medication into a fine powder. Take note that there are medications that are not suitable for crushing like ones that are coated; the medicine’s efficiency can be greatly affected by crushing and might even result in serious medical problems.

It is very easy to find pill crushers, either at your local drug stores ore online; the bonus is that they are quite inexpensive. However, you have to remember that no pill crusher has been created equal. So make sure that you don’t forget any of the factors I mentioned above.

Top Five of the Best Pill Crusher

Silent Knight Pill Crusher

If you are someone who needs take medicine daily, then this product can be a helpful companion. Silent Knight Pill Crusher is definitely on top of my list. This pill crusher is being widely used by professionals in both hospitals and nursing homes. There’s no doubt about that since it can do the job perfectly.

I like how it is so well made and is sturdy enough to last for a long period. Need to crush a large number of pills? Well, Silent Knight Pill Crusher can fantastically do it at one time. Plus it doesn’t need any electrical support to function; all you will ever need are your strong arms.

Have you ever wonder where it has gotten its name “Silent Knight”? Well, what’s even more remarkable is that the product does not only grind your pill with minimal effort but also does the job without making any noise. This pill crusher is perfect for anyone who has a patient that can’t be disturbed by any noise. There’s also a pouch where you can store your pill as you crush them; this is to make sure you don’t spill any pulverized pills and to avoid the risk of cross-contamination.

It also worth to mention that this pill crusher comes with a list of medication not suitable for pill grinding which I find very helpful; you will be able to avoid the risk of crushing pills that could potentially put you in danger.


  • Can be used easily
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Lightweight


  • It requires so much strength to crush some tablets, so if you are someone who got weak hands or suffering from joint pain, then this product is not for you!

The Equadose Pill Grinder

Do you notice how other pill crushers are so difficult to use while others are crushing pills leaving some lumps that can often result to patient choking from the pill or blockage in the feeding tube when you try to flush it? Well, we are fortunate enough that Shannon Triplette and her husband designed The Equadose Pill Grinder, making sure that we don’t experience any of these.

Only the finest materials were used for this product. Its exterior is made of high-quality solid aircraft while its grinding mechanism uses a ceramic conical burr to make sure it will be durable enough. What’s even more amazing is that its contraption features a system similar to a coffee grinder. This means you will be not needed so much force to be able to twist the handle of the grinding when you are grinding some tabs.

I also like that it comes with transparent detachable storage at the products bottom part so you the crushed pills will be visible. There’s also a lid where you can store your crushed pills.


  • Can be used easily
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • Well made
  • Capable of crushing pills no matter what size


  • The handle of the product is a bit weak and doesn’t often work well.

Ezy Does Ezy Crush Pill Crusher

Next on the list is the Ezy Does Ezy Crush Pill Crusher. What I like about this product is how compact its design and how lightweight it is. It is also very efficient in pulverizing the pill. It can crush any medical tablet into a fine powder with the use of its high-quality stainless steel blade. So if you are someone who’s hands with limited strength, then this is the best pill crusher for you.

There are actually four functions in this pill crusher. In addition to its main function as pill crusher, it can also be used as a pill splitter, convenient storage for pills and a drink cup. And it’s quite amazing that despite the many functions, the product is still very small so it is easy to carry around.


  • It has a compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for travel.
  • Easy storage
  • Comes it assorted color
  • Drinking tool is a bonus


  • Its cutter tends to move a lot

Carex Health Brands Ultra Pill Crusher

Another highly recommended pill crusher is from Carex Health Brands, a health care brand that provides medical supplies and needs. The first thing you will notice with their Ultra Pill Crusher would absolutely be its triangle shape. The brand designed it this way so you can easily grip and handle the pill crusher; so if you are someone who has limited strength, this one’s for you.

But what I like most is how easy it is to clean the insides of the product, all you will need are warm water and soap. It also comes in a portable weight and dimension so you can easily carry it around anywhere at any time. You can even place it in your pocket, and you’re good to go.


  • Can pulverize pills faster and easier compared to other leading brands
  • Easy to clean
  • Portable and travel-friendly


  • After continued use, powder from the crushed tablet tends to get on the outer sides of the threads making you lose a lot of the dosage.

Creative Living Med Inc.

If you are someone who needs high doses every day, then you’d be happy to have Creative Living Med Inc. as a companion. This pill crusher is made of heavy-duty materials and is sturdy enough to handle multiple pills at a time. This is why it is highly recommended for those who are on feeding tubes or for caretakers.

I like how easy the operating system of this pill crusher too. No pressure is required to press down


  • Crushing multiple pills at once is possible and easy.
  • Has a beautiful and compact design
  • Sturdy and durable


  • It not portable or travel-friendly due to its bigger size

Final Thought

Getting pills down can be a challenge for many people. So if you are someone who takes medicine regularly, then the best pill crusher can be your helpful companion.  Just make sure you the manufacturer’s instruction and find out which one works best for your needs.

Anyway, I hope this article helped you come up with the best decision on which pill crusher to choose. I highly recommend Silent Knight Pill Crusher! I love how comfortable and convenient is to use and is capable of crushing multiple pills at once, saving me so much time. And of course, I’m very impressed on how it works quietly

Have you tried using pill crusher for your vitamins or medications? How did your experience go? Did you find it convenient as much as I did? Let me know in the comment section below.

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bookmark_borderTop 5 Best Mattresses for Platform Beds in 2019

One of the many ways to optimise your small-sized bedroom is purchasing a platform bed. Aside from saving a whole lot of space, a platform bed is an affordable option.

These models lack a box spring, which appears to be a downside. As such, it’s paramount to seek after one of the best mattresses for platform beds in the market; else you will be trading off comfort for space.

Usually, most users try out their old mattress on a platform bed, which often spells trouble, since this model lacks a box spring to provide the much-needed support.

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of factors to consider before choosing a mattress for platform bed from firmness level to durability, which make decision making overwhelming.

Thus, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best mattresses for platform bed available on the market.

Top 1 – NECTAR Mattress

Unarguably, Nectar Mattress is one of the best mattress offering exceptional comfort and support. It’s available in four different sizes. No matter the size of the mattress you splurge on, you are assured of a beautiful night’s rest.

To begin with, this mattress is an ideal choice for users looking to have a sweat-free night. Thanks to its patented temperature control technology that dissipates heat after pulling from the sleepers’ body to lower layers of the mattress.

That’s not all: among all product reviewed in this piece, Nectar Mattress has the most extended trial period, with an impressive 1-year trial option to have the first-hand experience. Plus, it’s accompanied with a generous lifetime warranty, which projects the manufacturer’s confidence in the product.

Lastly, this mattress is a go-to for people looking for an economical option, as it comes with two pillows. After all – this is a top quality mattress capable of leaving you restful and revitalised for day-to-day challenges.

Top 2 – Casper Sleep Mattress

This offering one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, Casper, is out second choice on the favourite list of the mattress for platform beds. This model features one of the most advanced memory foam on the market.

Unlike other mattresses with more porous layer to only improve airflow, this model is designed to do much more. The Casper Sleep Mattress draws heat away from the sleeper’s body and dissipates it to the mattress’s bottom.

This feature comes in handy, when it comes to warm night, as it keeps your long night sweat-free. Another incredible feature about this mattress is its long trial period. For people not sure if this model is the right choice, you can take advantage of its 100 free trial nights before making your final pick.

The free trial ensures that you are getting the right mattress for your home, rather than splurging on a nightmare.

Top 3 – Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress

For buyers in the market willing to purchase an extremely firm mattress, then this model may be the right choice. It comes with three different memory foam layers to provide heavier sleepers with the right amount of support for relaxing night sleep.

However, there’s a downside to this lightweight mattress. This might not be an excellent choice for the smaller set, as this model may fail to conform perfectly to the sleeper’s body curves.

Another incredible feature of Perfect Cloud UltraPlush Gel-Max Memory Foam Mattress is its breathable top layer. Sadly, this top layer only offers exceptional breathability and will not draw out the heat like its competitors.

With such breathable airflow, you are assured that this model will keep you cool all night long. That’s not all: this product comes with a limited ten-year warranty, which shows the manufacturer’s high level of confidence in this mattress.

Top 4 – Olee Sleep 13’’ Galaxy Hybrid Mattress

Mattresses come with a hefty price tag, which often requires you to shell out more money. In all honesty, getting the right mattress to offer excellent support and comfort can be tough, especially when you are stuck on a budget.

However, the most economical option is splurging on a hybrid mattress. This mattress offers much-needed support and comfort without breaking a bank. Just as other cheap mattresses, it comes with a couple of drawbacks.

To begin with: this model is available in three sizes, which makes it a bit challenging to find the right size for your platform beds. Besides, it’s also a very soft and plush mattress. Thus, you shouldn’t expect a lot of support from this model.

Top 5 – Zinus Memory Foam 12’’ Green Tea Mattress

This model is a great option for those looking to purchase a breathable, supportive and yet comforting mattress without being exposed to harsh chemicals or allergies.  Zinus Memory Foam makes use of natural green tea extracts infused memory foam to produce a mattress without chemical odour.

However, the only disadvantage to this product is it lacks a breathable layer, which might make it challenging to sleep during warm days. But on the bright side, this model is available in a lot of sizes, which means you have a wide range of options to choose from.